Welcome to the dynamic office of the future: MyDesk

The most easy and economical system on the market for efficient use of flexible office environments. Easy to use for the employees and
with many benefits for the company: Better use of square meters, less food waste and more efficient cleaning.

Book your desk

Book a desk for you or your team and secure a work space with the right equipment.

Find My Colleague

Find your colleague on a specific day by searching for them in an easy way.

Avoid food waste

The canteen can adapt the lunch to the exact number of staff and guests.

Book your parking

Use MyDesk to book a parking spot at the office so you never have to drive in vain.

Efficient cleaning

The cleaning staff knows exactly where employees have been working.

Save energy

Save energy through optimized utilization of office buildings and space

Your office is changing

Increasing use of working from home reduces the need for space in office environments.

Efficient use of resources

Take advantage of office environments through employee booking of desks, lunch and parking spaces.

Avoid food waste

Avoid unnecessary food waste as the canteen knows in advance how many lunch bookings there are.


Flexible employees in flexible workplaces

Happier employees

Employees have flexibility and can easily book an office space or work from home.

Optimized working day

Employees can book an office space e.g. with their project team, where there is the necessary equipment such as webcam, screens etc.


Get started in 10 minutes

Create an account

Create an account

Once you have created an account, you can start uploading locations and areas
to your workplace.

Upload blueprints

Upload blueprints

You can draw blueprints by hand or create them using software and
upload to MyDesk.



Once locations, areas and blueprints have been uploaded, you are ready to
book your first desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyDesk is very easy and intuitive to use for employees and managers now matter the technical expertise. We will give you an onboarding session, and then you are ready to go.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or look in our FAQ.

  • Are there any support available?

    Of course! We offer an onboarding session where we make sure you are fully up an running, i.e. upload blue prints, create employees as well as locations and areas.

  • Are my data secure?

    Yes, your data belongs 100% to you and are hosted by Microsoft Azure, which is one of most secure platforms in the world - if not the most secure platform.

  • How do I create and upload a blueprint?

    Any way you like. You can make a hand drawing of the area you like, take an image / scan it and upload to the site. Or you can use software like Visio or Adobe XD to create a blueprint and upload a JPG or PNG.

  • What is the difference between a location and an area?

    A location is typically the address of the office building, while the areas are limited parts of the building, e.g. functions (HR, Marketing etc) or floor plans.

  • How do we add users?

    MyDesk is built upon Microsoft Azure which means all users with company domain in the email address are automatically given access to the platform.

  • Selected references and partners

    Our employees are in several different locations, also at home, during a normal working week. We want to create a good working environment across our offices so that our employees can work regardless of location. With MyDesk we can ensure that everyone has a reserved seat and that no one shows up in vain.

    Claus Kuno Financial Director

    In the future, the office will be a place to book a table. Just like in a restaurant.
    For years, we have streamlined and optimized the production, but now is the time to fully utilize the office facilities. In the new reality, where employees are increasingly working from home and the office is a place where things are coordinated and to meet with customers, there is already a larger overcapacity. MyDesk is the key to happy and efficient employees with optimal use of the flexible office environment. Save cost, save time, save energy and avoid food waste.
    Welcome to the new reality - welcome to MyDesk

    Michael Ries CEO


    399 location (address) / month
    • Single Sign-on
    • All fuctions included
    • Full documented API
    • Cloud based platform
    • Access on all platforms
    • Quick and easy user creation
    • Extensive support and onboarding

    About us

    MyDesk is a user-friendly solution that makes it possible for employees to book desks, lunch, parking spots and find coworkers. It ensures you a organized working enviroment with happy and efficient employees and modern use of the space in the company and other resources.